The role of Associated Icelandic Ports is to be a driving force in business and industry in the Faxaflói bay area, providing efficient services to vessels and creating value for the community by developing harbour infrastructure and port areas.

Associated Icelandic Ports is among the leading ports in the North-Atlantic Ocean and, by placing an emphasis on strengthening port infrastructure, bolsters Iceland’s competitiveness. Associated Icelandic Ports operates green, safe and efficient ports with sustainability as a guiding principle. Harbour areas are planned with diverse communities in mind, with an emphasis on sustainability and innovation in harbour-related activities.


Safe Ports

To be a role model in safety and harbour protection, striving towards preventing accidents, environmental and property damage.

Green Ports

To take on a leadership role in climate- and environmental harbor-related fields. Associated Icelandic Ports’ own operations are carbon neutral.

Effective Ports

Developing harbour infrastructure which contributes to efficient and automated services for vessels and other customers.

Human Resources

Being a progressive and popular workplace with a vibrant workforce, given the opportunity for long-term development by accepting challenges and opportunities.


Preventing accidents and property damages

More efficient use of natural resources

Improving workplace wellbeing

Improving waste disposal management

Providing smart-technology enabled services

Increasing carbon offsetting

Optimizing smart-technology in operations

Increasing environmental protection awareness

Ensuring port protection

Advancement of human resources

Improving air-quality in harbour areas

Increasing the ratio of clean energy usage

The Associated Icelandic Ports is a company which oversees port services, as well as the development of port and land infrastructure. The company emphasizes taking on a leadership role and setting an example in health, safety and environmental issues (HSE). The company is committed to work on continuous reforms in order to raise health, safety and environmental awareness among staff, customers and service providers. By doing so, Associated Icelandic Ports, ensures the stability and safety of its operations.

The Associated Icelandic Ports’ main priorities in health, safety and environmental issues are as follows:

  • To meet all requirements of laws and regulations and enforce the guidelines provided by the government and owners in health, safety and environmental issues.
  • To ensure a healthy working environment and a workplace culture which promotes equality and diversity.
  • That defense laws be defined on the basis of a risk assessment for the operations.
  • To ensure that staff is informed about and complies with safety and environmental regulations.
  • To ensure that staff, with the support of management, have an active role in shaping the continuous reform.
  • To offer staff regular health checks and counseling.
  • To ensure that incidents are reported and their causes analyzed with the aim of finding opportunities for reform.
  • To ensure safety matters are at the forefront when designing and operating in buildings and areas.
  • To conduct regular and systematic monitoring of the conditions of work areas, buildings, machines and safety equipment.
  • To place emphasis on safety and environmental issues when purchasing goods and services.
  • To apply the same requirements to everyone who undertakes tasks on behalf of  Associated Icelandic Ports, including contractors.
  • To encourage businesses who operate in The Associated Icelandic Ports’ areas to meet approved health, safety and environmental requirements.
  • To ensure that planning yields economic benefits, while life cycle considerations are also taken into account.
  • To minimize the environmental impact of construction projects.
  • To set goals for climate issues, with regards to the reduction of carbon emissions and carbon neutrality, and to take targeted actions to reach those goals.
  • To ensure that areas operated by Associated Icelandic Ports are clean and well-kept.
  • To monitor pollution and take the appropriate measures in order to prevent harmful effects.
  • To reduce waste and minimize volumes sent to landfills, by sorting and recycling.
  • To maintain a certified Health and Safety Management System (ISO 45001) and an Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) in accordance with the requirements of the standards.


Equal pay and equal rights shall be guaranteed for equivalent positions, and wage decisions are to be made in accordance with the effective equal pay policy and equal pay system of Associated Icelandic Ports.
Associated Icelandic Ports work diligently towards ensuring equality among its staff members in accordance with the effective equal pay policy and equal pay system of Associated Icelandic Ports, striving towards making it a progressive and sought-after workplace.


  • To pay equal wages and provide equal terms for similar or equally valuable jobs irrespective of gender or other unjustified criteria.
  • That advertised jobs be available to everyone irrespective of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, beliefs, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.u
  • To increase staff diversity.
  • To create conditions where employees are able to coordinate work and family responsibilities.
  • That all employees enjoy the same opportunities for vocational training and education.
  • To ensure that gender-base violence and sexual harassment will not be tolerated.
  • To prevent toxic workplace culture.
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